Leather Care


L'AMOUREUSE products are made from two types of leather: lambskin (softleather) and cowhide (calfskin). Lambskin is renowned for its soft, silky feel and is perfect for making delicate and refined products. Cowhide leather is stiffer, which allows the development of the products thanks to a better hold.

We select all our leathers carefully from the finest French, Spanish and Italian leathers known for their quality and originality.

Each skin is unique and therefore has its own characteristics: small imperfections (irregularities, marks, shades, folds) are therefore normal and do not alter the leather quality

Some precautions

"One can not help but grow old, but one can not help becoming old." Henri Matisse

Leather is a natural material that is patinating over time ... some find it charming, like a good wine that improves with the years. Others, on the contrary, want to try everything so that time stands!

  • For you, here are some tips…
  • Avoid contacting leathers in light colors with leathers or dark-colored textiles that may bleed.
  • It is advisable not to expose your product L'AMOUREUSE to the sun and even less to the rain: leather does not like heat or moisture .
  • For tasks, it is preferable to contact a professional leather who will be able to advise you…