l'amoureuse made in france

Made in France : an ethical and poetic choice

At L'AMOUREUSE, we wished to have all our articles made in a French leather goods workshop

Because the exceptional know-how of our artisans is no longer to be demonstrated,
Because the proximity facilitates exchanges and allows to install over time a reciprocal goodwill,
Because we like to say that we participate in our scale to maintain employment in our regions,
And because by privileging short circuits, we also helps to preserve the planet.

And when your named l'Amoureuse, finally, is there really a choice ?! How not to craft our creations in a country well known for its romantic walks, its gardens where you like to wander, its bridges that connect the hearts, forests, lakes and castles…

It is for all these reasons and many others that the Made in France has imposed itself on us, as an obviousness…